How we handle covid 19

  • Antiparos Camping complies with the basic measures to avoid transmission covid-19 using face shield, masks, gands and antiseptics by its staff. Features a portable device UVC disinfection-sterilisation, remote thermometer and special space and appropriate equipment to deal with suspicious covid-19. Inside and outside the reception, in the restaurant and common sanitary areas are available antiseptics, gloves and disposable masks to customers and all facilities we are posted the operating regulation, hygiene instructions, information notes and this Protocol and Draft suspect case management. On our premises there is disinfection and disinfection at regular intervals. phenomena (flood - lightning - fire - falling tree).
  • Upon entering the Campsite, the customer completes the a questionnaire form in a waiting area indicated to it outside the reception. Enters the reception in order of priority and maintaining a natural distance of 1.5m. and receives his card. Thermometer scan from a distance. The placement of the scene must be at least 5 metres from its entrance and 3 metres from its side by other scenes and the camper is obliged to complies with staff location instructions.
  • The customer is obliged to inform the reception immediately if symptoms compatible with Covid-19 infection.
  • For the health and safety of all of us please avoid handshakes, hand-to-face contact (eyes, nose, mouth), to maintain natural distances and hand hygiene, to personal protective equipment is used in all enclosed areas of the Camping facilities (mask), measures respiratory hygiene (covering nose and mouth in coughs or sneezing with the elbow or tissue and discarding it on the waste bins). Caution the mask should not be is used in children under 3 years of age and in people who have problems with the respiratory or cannot remove it without help.
  • If a customer experiences symptoms consistent with the infection Covid -19 apply the following: The coordinator responsible for the incident shall be informed of the Camping and is immediately called the doctor of the Municipality's Infirmary Antiparos. The customer is led by the competent coordinator to the special room for covid-19 and following the doctor's instructions is transferred to the infirmary for examination and laboratory testing. Depending on the instructions of the examined Physician, the EHIC is called and the patient is transferred with a simple surgical mask to the nearest health unit while informing the ESA. If there is the patient's escort records his and her and his simple surgical mask and gloves are administered.