Camping rules

  • Any person who will camp, upon entry of the the camp is obliged to complete a form; questionnaire with its data (country of origin, number of public document, address, telephone) and deliver the passport, ID or driver's license at reception until the end of the stay.
  • On the day of departure, the customer has the right to remain in the rented space until 12:00 noon. In the event of delay of his departure beyond that specified time is obliged to pay if the full price remains of the night
  • During the quiet hours from 14:30 to 17:00 and from 00:00-07:00, each camper is obliged to not to disturb the peace of others.
  • Campers are obliged to be careful not to damage to the premises or equipment of the Camp. In particular, campers are kindly requested to be careful and do not pollute trees and vegetation throughout the the surrounding area of the scenes. In the event of damage to the installations or equipment at the fault of the customer, is obliged to pay the price of the damage.
  • It is forbidden to enter non-residents in the area of Camp. Exceptionally, it is only permitted to visit from the campsite's reception and after the delivery of the Police ID or Passport.
  • Dogs must be tied up and wear a muzzle. The free move them to the camp site without a muzzle Prohibited. In case the dog is bothering, you must Removed
  • The maximum speed of wheeled vehicles within the Campsite is 5 km/h.
  • It is strictly forbidden to fire outdoors for baking or other purposes or the use of flammable materials in the area of the Camp.
  • The Camping Directorate bears no responsibility whatsoever for any loss of objects due to theft or damage. The Campers must take care of themselves for the safekeeping objects of their property. Value items can be provided for storage in the special lockers at reception.
  • The Camping Directorate is relieved of all responsibility for damage – theft – damage - fire caused in the Scene of the camper by the same or by a third party or by weather phenomena (flood - lightning - fire - falling tree).
  • The position in which the scene is placed is indicated exclusively by the relevant staff of the Campsite. Also no change of position without prior approval reception manager.
  • Please be particularly sensitive to the common (W.C., DUZ, etc.) and do not consume unnecessarily hot water and electricity, because reckless use entails the appreciable reduction and degradation of our services.
  • The Director of the Campsite shall have the right in the event that the campers do not follow the current regulation and do not discipline in a resultof an observation or suggestion to make them prohibit the stay or entry to the camp as also to remove them from the site of the Camping.

Camping Antiparos wishes you a pleasent stay!